Stove Bases

Galtee Fireplaces provides clients with a comprehensive range of stove bases that can be customised to the unique requirements of your stove.
All our provided stove bases are craved from only the highest quality solid stone that is naturally resistant to intense heats. Along with absolute functionality, our wide selection of stove bases are designed to complement the client's installed stove and the unique interior design of the property. We have available a range of stove bases made from different material and available in a wide selection of colours.

For more information on our wide selection of stove bases, get in contact with Galtee Fireplaces today, to discuss your stove requirements.

Our Stove Hearth Installations

Our professional team of stove hearth installers are available to create the kind of stove base that complements the client’s property.
The flexibility of our service gives the client complete control over how their stove will be mounted on the base. From elevated stove based platforms, to stove hearths that are integrated with the floor, our team have the experience and expertise to seamless integrate the base with the unique interior design of the client’s property.